Central America is located between North and South America and consists of multiple countries. Central America is not a continent but a subcontinent since it lies within the continent America. It borders on the northwest to the Pacific Ocean and in the northeast to the Caribbean Sea. The countries that belong to the subcontinent of Central America are Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. These seven countries are almost all-Spanish speaking but in Belize they tend to speak English. Next to Spanish and English there are some local languages like Mayan, Kriol and Garifuna. It is estimated that there are over 42 million people living in Central America. A common mistake is that people think Mexico is also part of Central America but this is not true, Mexico is part of North America. Underneath this text you will find a map of Central America. As you can see on the map of Central America Belize and El Salvador are the smallest countries and Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala the biggest followed by Panama and Costa Rica.

Map Central America

Map of Central America

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