Where is Costa Rica located, Costa Rica is located southwest of Central America and borders Nicaragua in the north and Panama in the southeast. The Pacific Ocean is located on the east side and the Caribbean Sea on the west. Costa Rica has an estimated population of 4,6 million people, this makes it one of the most populated countries of Central America. Its capital San José is the heart of the country with almost 2,2 million people. When most people think of Costa Rica they think about jungle, beaches and sun. Well if you had the same idea about Costa Rica you where right. The people that live in Costa Rica are gentle and relaxed, they speak Spanish and a majority also speaks English what makes it a perfect location for American tourist to go on a vacation. Underneath you will find a map of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica map

Map of Costa Rica

San José Costa Rica

San José is the capital of Costa Rica and is located at the centre of the country. It lies within a valley that is connected by all the highways and has its own airfield. The bus station can be a little bit hard to find in San José as they have more then ten central bus stations. San José is an old colonial city that offers great connections to the rest of the country so it is a good start to fly cheap on San José.

Costa Rica weather

The weather in Costa Rica is always good! Nice temperatures around 29 degrees Celsius on average, because of the elevation of San José it can be a little bit chilly in the nights so pack your sweater. You have a rain season in Costa Rica from May till November, the dry season starts from December till April. So if you’re going for sun and beach you should go in the winter since you have the least chance of rain.

Beaches in Costa Rica

Since Costa Rica borders the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea it has many beaches that you can visit. The visit depends on what you want to do. Do you want to learn how to surf or are you a pro surfer then you should probably go to the Pacific side since you will have nice waves there all year round. For sun and beaching, snorkeling and some sailing maybe you should go to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica since the water is much warmer and clearer and you will get white sand beaches! But don’t think you can’t get any beach time on the Pacific side since for example Tamarindo has really nice long white sand beaches and is located on the Pacific side.

Jaco Beach

Jaco Costa Rica brings you lots of tropical sun, jungle, surfing, maybe surf lessons, trips to national parks, excellent restaurants and hotels. Jaco Costa Rica is one of the places along the Pacific Coast that everybody visit at least one time in its life. Jaco Costa Rica is a small town that has a lot to offer for tourist. Jaco Beach is one of the best places to practice surfing in Costa Rica. If you’re not into surfing you can relax on the endless clean Jaco beach. It is a destination that is unique and central in Costa Rica, located only 75 minutes away from San Jose Airport! The place offers modern facilities like lots of restaurants, conveniences, tours in the area around it and all the other ingredients for a perfect vacation. All these facilities are combined with a perfect relax ambience that still carries its own vibe.

Vacation in Jaco Costa Rica

Going on a vacation to Jaco Costa Rica will bring you lots of tropical sun, jungle, surfing, maybe some surf lessons, trips to national parks, excellent restaurants to eat and the finest hotels and all inclusive resorts in whole Costa Rica. This vacation is a journey you will never forget and you probably want to return to Jaco Costa Rica.