El Salvador The smallest country of Central America is El Salvador but with an estimated population of 6,1 million people it is one of the most populated countries. The official language of El Salvador is Spanish and most of the people are Catholics. The countries borders Guatemala in the northwest and Honduras in the east. As Belize and El Salvador are the only countries in Central America to have one Ocean, El Salvador only borders the Pacific Ocean. The Capital of El Salvador is San Salvador with around 2.4 million people living in its metro area. The highest point in the country is the Cerro El Pital with 2730 meter of elevation. One particular funny fact is that El Salvador uses the US Dollar as their currency.

Map El Salvador

Map of El Salvador

San Salvador in El Salvador

The capital is San Salvador and is located just under the centre of the country. The city has an elevation of 650 meter and is about 72 square miles. San Salvador is an old city that originates from the 16th century and was established by the Spanish rulers in 1525. The city is known for its mild earthquakes because of working volcanoes nearby. If you translate San Salvador to English it means “ Holy Savoir”. It has a turbulent history falling under the command of the Spanish, Mexicans and Americans. The weather in San Salvador is great all year around with an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius.

Weather in El Salvador

The weather in El Salvador is stable and counts only two seasons because of its tropical climate. You have wet and dry season that has almost no difference in temperature but only in the amount of rain that drops from the sky. The wet season starts at around May and ends in October. The dry season hits in on the other months. It doesn’t really matter when you visit El Salvador for the weather, we can make you a suggestion to go around the beginning or ending of the dry season, low rainfall and lower temperatures, as these can be pretty hot in the dry season. The El Salvadorians sometimes call the dry season as Verano or summer but this is incorrect in terms to the use of summer as El Salvador is located on the northern part of the globe.

El Salvador facts

The first El Salvador fact is that the country is also known as the land of the volcanoes as it has allot of active volcanoes. A second fact is that El Salvador became independent from Spain in 1821. The soccer war is a war based on a match between El Salvador and Honduras. One of the most important export products of El Salvador is coffee. And to end this sum of El Salvador facts we can tell you that El Salvador is a host of many world surfing competitions.