Honduras is one of those countries you only hear bad things about but is it really that bad? Well here are some facts about Honduras. Honduras is one of the bigger countries in Central America and is located between El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua. It has an very long coastline in the northeast with the Caribbean Sea but only a small coastline in the southwest with the Pacific Ocean. The country is one of the poorest in Central America but since the last decennium it is climbing back from being the third world country of Central America. The beauty of the Caribbean islands and coast that are still unspoiled by tourists is a major tourist destination for backpackers and other travellers since 2009. The Maya Copan Ruinas are one of the historical peaces of the Maya’s in Central America and are worth a visit. If you area on the search for vast unspoiled nature you will find this in the jungles and mountains of Honduras.

Map of Honduras

Map of Honduras

Some facts about Honduras

The official name of Honduras is Republica de Honduras, and its capital is Tegucigalpa. Honduras covers an area of about 112.000 square miles and is one of the bigger countries in Central America. Just like Guatemala and El Salvador Honduras got his independence from the Spanish Empire in 1821. The currency of Honduras is Lempira an the native language is Spanish, followed by English and Garifuna. Most people are Catholics and pretty conservative. The biggest cities in Honduras are Tegucigalpa the capital, San Pedro Sula, El Progreso, La Ceiba, Puerto Cortes, Tela, Comayaga and Choluteca. The flag of Honduras consists out of tree horizontal banana’s and five stars that stands for the five stats of the Federation of Central America. The national flower is the Brasavola Orchid.

Rainforests and jungles in Honduras

Since there are no seasons in Honduras, only the wet and the dry season, the jungles and rainforests can grow fiercely. On average an year in Honduras receives about four meters of water. The temperature is around 24-30 degrees Celsius all year round. Both these factors create perfect conditions for moist rainforests and jungles. Up in the mountains this creates a spectacular cloud forest that is always in the clouds. This forest is so moist you are instant wet when you pass through it without any rain falling down. It is one of the mystery woods of Honduras and should be one of your top destinations when traveling to Honduras.

Coral reef and beaches in Honduras

Since the coastline of Honduras borders such a large peace of the Caribbean Sea the country has lots of nice beaches. And guess what the second largest coral reef in the world lies in front of it! The Barrier reef is about 275 kilometers long and stretches up and down the coast of Honduras. You can visit it with a boat since it is only about 10 miles out in open sea. The water is turquoise and crystal clear all along the coast, combine this with the beautiful white sand beaches and paradise is created. Welcome to Honduras.