Did you know they have more then 16 languages in Panama? Of which the most famous ones are Spanish, Kuna and English. Kuna is one of the local languages spoken by the Kuna Indians living on the San Blas Islands in Kuna Yala. The country uses the currency named Balboa, which means US dollar and is equal to the dollar. The capital of Panama is Panama City and is located on the Pacific Ocean side of Panama. Their are 3.4 million people living in Panama with most of them in Panama City. Panama borders Costa Rica and Colombia in South America. The border with Colombia is famous because of harsh environment, the jungle is intense and unexplored. This jungle is called the Darién Gap and is also the home of the FARC a rebel group from Colombia. Better to bypass this jungle by sea for info on this, check out panaboat.com.

Map of Panama

Map of Panama

Weather in Panama

The weather in Panama is all year around pretty good! Because of its close location to the equator you will not have any seasons in temperature, it’s always an average of 27 degrees Celsius. But you have a dry and wet season, the wet season starts around mid April to mid December, the dry season visa versa. The climate is perfect for beaching, sailing, surfing or diving. So don’t worry about the wet season because it only rains about one hour a day and then there is the sun again. The local highlands can be a little bit chilly at night so if you’re going for a hike in these better take a sweater.

Highlights in Panama

A couple of highlights in Panama are the San Blas Islands which you will find more information about underneath here. Next to them you have Panama City, Bocas del Toro and Boquete. Panama City is a modern metropolis that offers everything from expensive shopping malls to a beautiful skyscraper skyline with a long boardwalk to visit. The place is dangerous on some places so be careful and ask locals where to go and where not to. Bocas del Toro is the party place for young adults that want to live the tropical island way but also party all the way until the morning. It is beautiful to visit not only for the parties but also for the natural beauty. Last the small village of Boquete. This village is in the top places for retired people to live. But don’t get us wrong it is a beautiful place to visit! The elevation is around 1500 meters, which makes it a little bit cooler then other places in Panama. Around Boquete you will find jungle, jungle, jungle and volcanoes. And not a normal jungle no a cloud forest that you can visit, this jungle is extremely moist and full of mosses and other strange plants.

San Blas Islands

As we mentioned in the intro of this page the San Blas Islands are the home of the Kuna Indians. The area is located near the Colombia border on the Caribbean Sea side. The San Blas Islands are one of the most beautiful unspoiled tropical islands without electricity on them. There are around 375 Islands in the area and you are able to visit all of them. The San Blas Islands are the tropical Islands you always dream of, coconuts & palm trees with whit sand beaches and warm crystal clear water. Are you planning to sail in San Blas? Check out Sanblastour.com for sailing trips in the San Blas area.